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Personalized treatments tailored to your unique skin needs, utilizing advanced techniques and medical-grade products.

Custom Facial

Custom Facials are designed specifically for you with a custom blend of cutting-edge treatments and medical-grade products, They may Include microcurrent, ultrasonic, Dermaplaning, oxygen infusion, and radio frequency.(60 min)


Our non-invasive treatment improves skin health, addresses individual concerns, and creates a glow like no other. Unlike traditional facials, it’s performed via device rather than by hand, for deeper penetration and longer lasting results.(60 min)


Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure in which the skin is lightly pricked with tiny, sterilized needles, triggering a boost in collagen production. This treatment helps heal old scars minimize the appearance of wrinkles, and evens the tone and texture of the skin, all while bringing out your natural glow.

+ PRP: Adding PRP, with its concentrated healing plasma, to your microneedling session can make this treatment even more effective. (40 min)

Dermaplaning Facial Add On

This treatment removes all dead skin cells and facial hair, leaving the surface ultra-smooth. It allows for better penetration of skincare products and creates a perfect canvas for makeup application. (15 min)

Facials Balancing

Chemical Peels

Experience the rejuvenating power of our medical-grade chemical peels to enhance your skin’s radiance and texture. Our medical-grade chemical peels are a must for maintaining brightness and skin texture.(60 min)

Face Lifting

In a single session, we strategically inject small doses of botulinum toxin (Botox), collagen inducers, and hyaluronic acid to restore volume, elasticity, firmness, and provide hydration to the skin. This results in a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance.(60 minutes)

Lip Fillers

Lip augmentation is a minimally invasive technique where hyaluronic acid, a biocompatible and absorbable substance, is injected into the lips. This procedure provides thickness, enhances the contour, lifts the corners, and hydrates the lips. The results can last up to 12 months, with minimal to no discomfort during the procedure and no downtime.(40 min)

Cheek Fillers

Cheek augmentation with hyaluronic acid is a cosmetic procedure aimed at correcting sagging or volume-deficient cheeks, smoothing wrinkles in the mid-face area, and achieving better facial definition.  (40 min)

Venus Legacy Face Lifting

It is a non-invasive aesthetic medical treatment ideal for patients seeking needle-free cosmetic procedures, addressing skin aging, fat accumulation, and facial sagging. (40 min)


Hyaluronic Acid is an excellent option for treating sunken under-eye areas. The procedure involves injecting the product into the tear trough area, providing support to the tissues and eliminating the hollow appearance. It also deeply hydrates the skin, resulting in a more rested and youthful appearance. The hyaluronic acid filling procedure is quick, performed in a single session under topical anesthesia (cream), and provides immediate results. Follow-up may be conducted after a week if deemed necessary.(30 min)

Non-Surgical Rhino

The nose is one of the most visible parts of the face, and minor changes to it can make a significant difference. At our center, we offer a non-surgical technique using hyaluronic acid to enhance or modify the nose’s shape, correcting details such as nasal tip projection, dorsal volume, nasal tip elevation, and eliminating nasal humps.(45 min)


In recent years, doctors have learned that the body has the ability to heal itself. Platelet-rich plasma therapy is a form of regenerative medicine that can harness those abilities and amplify the natural growth factors your body uses to heal tissue. (45 min)

PRP + Vitamins

Add shine & tone with an all-over color application of demi-permanent haircolor. Results last 6-8 weeks; cannot lighten hair. (45 min)

Botulinum Toxin


An FDA-approved aesthetic product that temporarily makes moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet, and forehead lines look better in adults.(30 min)


You are entirely you. Bold, beautiful, and brilliant. Dysport® (botulinum toxin) is a fast-acting, long-lasting, and clinically proven treatment for those who want a natural-looking way to smooth frown lines between the brows. With results that may last up to 5 months per treatment, you can stay uniquely you. (30 min)

Body Contouring

Define and enhance your body's natural curves with our body contouring treatment. A non-invasive solution that helps sculpt your figure and improve skin appearance.

Venus legacy treatments

Discover the secret to radiant, youthful skin with our Venus Legacy treatments. Combat cellulite, reduce wrinkles, and achieve firmer, toned skin with this advanced technology.(30-75 Min) 


Revitalize your skin with Carboxytherapy, a treatment that uses carbon dioxide to combat blemishes, improve circulation, and rejuvenate affected areas. Ideal for scars, stretch marks, and cellulite.(30 Min) 

Massage Therapy

Relax and release accumulated stress with our massage therapy. Not only does it alleviate muscle tensions, but it also enhances circulation and promotes overall well-being.(60 Min)

Wood Massage Therapy

Experience the ancient technique of massage using specially designed woods to tone, reduce, and mold your body. A perfect fusion of tradition and visible results.(60 Min) 

Custom Therapeutic Massage

Designed specifically for your individual needs, our custom therapeutic massage focuses on problem areas, providing relief and restoration. (60-90 Min)

Recovery Rescue

After an intense day or a draining week, our Recovery Rescue treatment is your perfect ally. It combines specialized techniques to recover, revitalize, and restore both body and mind.

Medical Weight Loss

Embark on a transformative journey with our medically supervised weight loss program. Tailored to your unique needs, this program combines advanced treatments and expert guidance to ensure safe, effective weight loss in a structured timeline.


Experience the innovative power of Tirzepatide, a breakthrough treatment aiding in the management of weight. Dive into a session and discover its potential in supporting healthy weight loss and metabolic regulation, typically spanning a course of several weeks.


Unlock the benefits of Semaglutide, a cutting-edge solution designed for weight management. During the course of treatment, this medication works to regulate appetite and calorie intake, positioning you on a clearer path to achieving your weight goals.


Unleash the synergistic effect of Lipo-C, a compound known for its fat-burning properties. With each session, generally lasting under an hour, witness a boost in metabolism and targeted fat reduction, promoting a leaner physique.

Lipo Shoot

Dive into the quick and effective world of the Lipo Shoot, an advanced method to accelerate fat metabolism. A typical session, usually a short duration, aids in breaking down fat deposits, offering you a step closer to your desired shape.


Revitalize your body's natural processes with Bio-Boost+. This treatment, often conducted in short sessions, focuses on enhancing metabolic rates, boosting energy, and promoting overall well-being, giving your weight loss journey the momentum it needs.


The pursuit of youthfulness has been a timeless endeavor. With advances in modern medicine, we're now equipped with a range of treatments designed to combat the effects of aging, ensuring you not only look your best but feel it too. Here are our specialized offerings:

Peptides Therapy

Harness the power of peptides to rejuvenate your skin and body. This therapy stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, enhancing skin elasticity, reducing wrinkles, and promoting a youthful glow.


Boost your body's natural production of growth hormone with Sermorelin. This treatment aids in improving muscle tone, reducing fat, and accelerating metabolism, making you feel energized and youthful.

Ipamorelin + CJC 1295

A dynamic duo in the world of anti-aging, this combination works synergistically to stimulate growth hormone production. Experience improved sleep, enhanced muscle growth, and a boost in vitality.

BPC 157

Dive into the rejuvenating properties of BPC 157. Known for its healing capabilities, it accelerates wound healing, protects the organs, and enhances the health of skin tissues.

AOD 9604

Discover the fat-burning and regenerative properties of AOD 9604. Not only does it aid in weight management, but it also promotes the growth of cartilage, making it a favorite for joint health.


Optimize your reproductive hormones with Gonadorelin. This treatment ensures a balanced hormonal environment, which is essential for maintaining youthful energy and vitality.

TRT Therapy (Testosterone Replacement Therapy)

Reignite the flame of your youth with TRT. By replenishing testosterone levels, it combats fatigue, improves muscle mass, and enhances libido, ensuring you remain at your peak.

Hormone Therapy

Balance is the key to a youthful body and mind. Our customized hormone therapy treatments ensure your hormonal levels are optimal, combating symptoms of aging and hormonal imbalances.

Human Growth Therapy

Stimulate cellular regeneration, increase muscle mass, and boost metabolism with Human Growth Therapy. This treatment revitalizes the body from the inside out, ensuring you feel as young as you look.


Your sexual well-being plays an integral role in your overall health, quality of life, and intimate relationships. We offer specialized treatments catering to individual needs, ensuring both men and women feel revitalized, confident, and balanced.

Testosterone Vaginal Cream

Enhance your intimate experiences and overall feminine health with our specially formulated Testosterone Vaginal Cream. Tailored to address hormonal imbalances, this treatment offers improved libido, mood, and vaginal health in regular applications.

Estradiol Vaginal Cream

Combat symptoms of vaginal atrophy such as dryness, itching, and discomfort with our Estradiol Vaginal Cream. Designed to replenish vital hormones, it promotes healthy vaginal tissues and enhances comfort during intimate moments.

Oxytocin Spray

Unlock the bond-enhancing benefits of our Oxytocin Spray. Often dubbed the "love hormone", Oxytocin has been known to foster connection, trust, and intimacy. A simple spritz can pave the way for deeper emotional and physical connections.

PT 141

Boost your sexual vigor with PT 141, a potent solution known to enhance libido and erectile function. Rediscover the vitality and confidence of your younger self through its therapeutic effects.

Testosterone Cream For Him

Combat the effects of declining testosterone levels with our specially formulated Testosterone Cream. Regular application can lead to improved energy, mood, muscle mass, and of course, libido, ensuring you remain at your peak.


Step into the world of Tri-Mix, a powerful combination of three medications designed to combat erectile dysfunction. Tailored for those seeking an effective and rapid solution, it offers enhanced potency and endurance.

Testosterone Spray

Achieve hormonal balance and invigorate your masculine energy with our Testosterone Spray. Easy to use and quickly absorbed, it's a convenient solution to boost testosterone levels, improving both sexual health and overall vitality.

IV Therapy

Hydration, nourishment, and revitalization straight to your bloodstream. IV Therapy is more than just a trend—it's a potent method to quickly deliver essential vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial compounds directly into your circulatory system. Bypassing the digestive tract means faster absorption and often more noticeable results. Here's a glimpse into our IV Therapy offerings:

Energy Boost IV

• Ingredients: Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Magnesium, amino blend
• Benefits: Enhance energy levels, combat fatigue, and improve overall vitality.

Hydration Revive IV

• Ingredients: Electrolytes, Hydration Fluids, Magnesium, selenium
• Benefits: Replenish essential fluids and electrolytes for optimal hydration.

Immune Defense IV:

• Ingredients: Vitamin C, Zinc, Immune-Boosting Nutrients
• Benefits: Strengthen the immune system to ward off illnesses.

Recovery & Performance IV

• Ingredients: Amino Acids, B Vitamins
• Benefits: Accelerate post-workout recovery, boost endurance, and support athletic performance

Stress Relief IV:

• Ingredients: Magnesium, Taurine, Relaxation Nutrients
• Benefits: Promote relaxation, reduce stress, and improve mental well-being.

Detox Cleanse IV:

• Ingredients: Glutathione, Detoxifying Nutrients
• Benefits: Support natural detoxification processes for improved health.

Skin Rejuvenation IV:

• Ingredients: Collagen, Biotin, Skin-Enhancing Nutrients
• Benefits: Promote healthy skin, reduce signs of aging, and achieve a radiant complexion.

Hangover Relief IV:

• Ingredients: Electrolytes, B Vitamins, Anti-Nausea Medication
• Benefits: Rapidly alleviate hangover symptoms and restore hydration.

Migraine Relief IV:

• Ingredients: Magnesium, Anti-Inflammatory Nutrients
• Benefits: Alleviate migraine symptoms and reduce the frequency of migraines.

Anti-Aging & Longevity IV:

• Ingredients: Resveratrol, Coenzyme Q10, Anti-Aging Nutrients
• Benefits: Promote cellular health, slow down aging, and enhance longevity.


Activate your brain's neuron function by helping cells regenerate and protect them against damage.

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